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-  Premise

- “TWT”, acronym of Tennis World Tour

- “TWT CHALLENGES” Ranking system of the official head-to-head matches


-  Taking part to TWT activities

a) every enrolled person to TWT site has the right to take part to TWT’s activities

b) to every user who registers will get an account;


-  General rules

Where it is not expressly indicated, in the setting of TWT activities the TSA general rules must be respected, with specific consideration for:

a) tennis rules

b) Justice regulation

c) disciplinary code



a) with the word “TWT CHALLENEGES” one defines the ranking generated by the matches, otherwise called “challenges” that the partecipants organize among them through the portal;

b) each player enrolled to TWT can challenge the other enrolled ones. The results of these matches generate the score of the “Challenge” ranking and condition also the general ranking;

c) players can accept and they play the challengers

d) “Challenges” have to be played up to one of the score formulas indicated by paragraph 12

e) in the insertion of the 9 games challenge one must sum up the games obtained (eg.: 9/5) and select the winner.

f) the player can, temporarly, block, for health reasons, the challenges towards him. The player who locks his challenges doesn’t receive penalties in the acquired score and doesn’t receive the challenge purpose.

g) each challenge generates this score:

- for the winning player: 20 points

- for the defeated player : 5 points


- TWT tournaments

a) TWT tournaments can be organized exclusively by the ones who are denominated “organizers” by the own TWT and the tournaments must be present in the portal:

b) to play TWT tournaments the players have to be registered on the portal

c) the Responsible of the tournament/ director of the tournament must be elected organizer by the own TWT;


. Seeds compilation

The seed compilation has to happen by 12 pm 1 day before the starting date of the tournament, subscriptions close at 23.59 3 days before the starting date of the tournament.


. Cancellation

Players can drop out the tournament through their account. Check carefully the time in the rules of the tournament.


. Duration of the tournaments

a) 1 week (1 week-end)

b) 2 weeks (2 week-end)

c) 1 day (fast tournaments, “oneday”)


. Modality for tournament approval

a) the ones who want to organize TWT tournaments must register free of charge at TWT management portal, enter the personal area through the credential they chose for their registration and enter the request for a new tournament within minimum 15 days before the starting date of the tournament.

b) Among the data to insert, the mandatory ones are: name and surname of the tournament responsible, participation fee, respecting the maximum fee indicated by TWT (see paragraph…), the game surface and the expected prizes, tournament type, game schedule;

c) after the tournament approval by TWT the tournament becomes visible for all the players on the site


a) the seeds of the TWT circuit are usually “knockout stage” type;

b) the seeds of the TWT tournaments are completely drawn prior disposition of the unseeded;

c) in the TWT charts could be placed the chosen unseeded automatically by the system basing on the general ranking of the players;

d) in case of player’s absence, the same could be substituted by an eventual reserve, if present.

e) the tournament’s enrolments are made through the on-line procedure by the single players. Each player is responsible of his own credentials which grant him the chance to subscribe and therefore every fulfilled enrolment can’t be rejected by the player.

f) for each not justified absence to tournaments can be instructed, by the tournament director, a disciplinary report;

g) the enrolment  oblige the player to pay the relative enrolment’s fee to the tournament, which must be paid also in case of absence.

h) play hours will be established by the tournament director and are published on the website. Players must show up by the match venue at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the match.

i) the seeds must be filled and published on line, with the game schedule by 12 pm 1 day before the starting date of the tournament.

j) for the fast tournaments “oneday” the two articles before could be subjected to a 24 hours delay;

k) the tournament director announces the victory for no show, when the player’s delay is more than 20 minutes from the beginning time of the match.

l) for each performance the affiliated club must declare the play surface, but can let play the matches on reserve courts of a different surface.

m) the game balls must be declared at the moment of the tournament request.



a) TWT matches are played on a 3 set basis (best of 4 games and tie break on 3-3)

b) the matches with a score on one long set based on 6 games with a variance of 2 will be played with a decisive tie-break on a score of 6 games tie.

c) matches with score on one 4 games set will be played on a decisive tie-break on a score 3 games tie.

d) “shout-out” or fast matches that are played with the 3 tie-break formula out of five. Each match is composed by a tie-break to 9 points (on a score of 8 tie one keep on play until one player obtains 2 points variance).


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